Train Transportation

DutchQargo as your experienced Silk Route train transporter to China

The centuries-old Silk Route holds no undiscovered opportunities for DutchQargo. With a lot of experience using the rail connection between Europe and China, DutchQargo offers fast transit times, utmost reliability and an excellent price for the transportation of your cargo.

And last but definitely not least: choosing rail transport is the most environment-friendly way of transporting your goods

Whether you’re shipping valuable perishables or heavy freight, you’re in good hands with us.

  Capacity: 84 containers per train

  Lead time: 15 days (station to station)

  Distance: 11.248 km

Tilburg - Chengdu

The Tilburg – Chengdu line is the fastest and only direct railway between the Netherlands and China.

It passes through Germany, Poland, Belarus, Russia and Kazachstan before arriving in China.

This unique connection makes it possible to ship containers in 15 days between Tilburg and Chengdu(Shichuan province) station to station.

Duisburg - Chongqing

The Duisburg – Chongqing line is the freight rail route is linking the south-west of China directly with Germany.

It passes through Germany, Poland, Belarus and Russia, through Kazakhstan and then the Alataw Pass before arriving in Chongqing, China.

This connection makes it possible to ship containers in 16 days between Duisburg and Chongqing(Xinjiang) station to station.


Capacity: 84 containers per train

Lead time: 16 days (station to station)

Distance: 12.478 km

Solid alternative for expensive air transport and slow sea transport

Making these options much faster than seafreight (approx 45 days port to port) and a good alternative for airfreight (4 days port to port).

This while the costs for train transport are roughly a quarter of the costs for airfreight.

DutchQargo offers 20ft, 40ft, 45ft HC containers, LCL and reefer options.

Our professional warehouse can build your pallets in contour for a maximum loading capacity.

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